The objective of the iiNFLUENCE Scholarship is to influence the lives of young people who demonstrate potential for humanitarian work, either professionally or in their community. We want to partner with future influencers of people who have already realized at this early age that the world does not revolve around them. We have found that a young person who demonstrates this trait of goodwill toward others will go on to be community builders and leaders, regardless of their professional life. If you know anyone who fits this description, or if you are that person, then we encourage you to apply. While we would love to support everyone who applies, unfortunately our resources are limited. Therefore to be effective, we have put in place some internal protocols, including prayer, to determine who gets funded.


Grant Amount: $1,000 per funded applicant

Total Grants available in 2015: 5


 Demonstrated community builder/leader

 Currently enrolled in an Ontario high school and will be attending post-secondary school in 2015

 4 letters of recommendation from non-family members

 1000 word essay on why you qualify

 Recommended by one of our charitable partners below:


Scholarship Charity Partners

List to be updated soon



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