The iiNFLUENCE narrative was birthed out of a vision to help people live out their fullest and greatest potential. Every human being that has ever walked this earth was masterfully created and assigned a great purpose, which when fully lived out, has the ability to take humanity to a higher level of awareness, purpose and excellence.


When God created human beings, He did so in His own likeness and infused our spirits and psyche with incredible potential and abilities. Then He gave us the unique mandate and privilege to rule over everything else He’d created. Not as one rules over a slave, but as one rules over a kingdom – with love, mercy and grace. Everything we needed to fully execute on the mandate was given to us. Truly successful people have appropriated this truth and are living powerful and victorious lives, while others grapple for just enough to get by, often falling far short of accomplishing even that.


We believe that true success is not a factor of the size of one’s bank account, but is rather the totality of the quality of one’s life. This definition of success takes into account one’s standard of living which includes good health, wealth, peace of mind, and service to God and humanity. After all what good is $10 million in your bank account when your heart is going to stop beating in 10 minutes – and you haven’t celebrated your 40th birthday yet? What pleasure is there in being the only one in your community with food and running water, while everyone else is deprived and languishing?


The world we live in was artfully and supernaturally created and contains everything we need for a great life. Yet most people live out their lives far below their purpose and potential.


For us iiNFLUENCE is not just a magazine – it’s a calling that allows us to live out our collective and individual purposes so that our God-given destinies will be fulfilled. It is a clarion call to our readers to step up their life-games and live with boldness and vision. The stories we tell are stories of victory that are woven from the fabric of God’s amazing love and grace toward the people He created.Joel


The bible tells us that while humanity had turned its back on God, hated Him and wanted nothing to do with Him, He sent His most beloved son, Jesus Christ to come down to earth and offer His life as full payment for everything humanity ever did against God. That eternal sacrifice wiped out every sin ever committed and every sin ever to be committed by human beings. Wow! If that doesn’t blow your mind then nothing else ever will. The greatest part of the story is that the complete benefit of what Jesus did is available to everyone who believes in Jesus. That’s it!


As thinking people, we investigated this stupefying offer from every possible angle, starting with if Jesus even walked this earth. When we discovered it was all true and witnessed miracles in the lives of people all over the world, we knew we had to tell the world about this incredible offer of God’s grace.


However this outpouring of God’s love to all humanity has been bottled, diluted and flat out contaminated by organized religion for centuries, leaving a horrible-tasting message of woe and condemnation that is unable to demonstrate God’s power and grace. Organized religion has mostly treated God’s grace as an exclusive club belonging only to a few. Yet when people encounter the truth about God’s love and what He has in store for anyone who believes in and trusts Him, their lives change forever in every area. They eat right, think right and live right. They become people of influence with the will and desire to change the world for good. Even in the midst of their imperfect circumstances, they understand that they have been empowered and appointed by the creator of the world, in their era, to impact the world positively. Why? Because nothing they do is in their own strength, but everything is done through Jesus Christ, in whom and through whom everything was created.


We’re merely doing our part because we remember where we came from. We remember how messed up and unfulfilled our lives once were – that was before we encountered the truth. We remember that we were lost like leaves in the wind, full of life-sustaining potential, but hopelessly without purpose or destination. That’s the iiNFLUENCE story. We tell the story of God’s love, mercy and grace in the context of our culture and society the way Jesus did. We pray that what we do encourages and compels you to fulfill your destiny, and we look forward to tell your story as God’s ambassador in one of our issues.

Press on and never look back.




Fast Facts:

  1. Founded in Bradford, Ontario, Canada by Sam & Naomi Tita in 2012
  2. Part of IINFLUENCE MEDIA GROUP, comprised of iiNFLUENCE BOOKS, iiNTV and iiNFLUENCE magazine.
  3. Used to be Kingdom Buzz Group in the days when only part of the whole vision was available to us (2009 to 2012)
  4. We’ve learned not to be afraid to start running with a vision because God only moves when we trust Him enough to move first.


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